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Wes/Bob Yeoman as one of the ‘Great Cinematographer-Director Relationships’ & a tidbit on Robyn Cohen

A really interesting article at Daily Film Dose (a great site, by the way) lists the Anderson-Yeoman collaboration as one of the ‘great cinematographer-director relationships’:

Yeoman and Anderson’s films are so distinct, one frame of one of their films is immediately distinguishable as their own. They love their wideangle, anamorphic frames, extremely overcranked slo-mo and lush saturated colours. Look for “The Darjeeling Limited” hopefully later this year.

URL: the article at Daily Film Dose

One other tidbit…

Robyn Cohen (The Life Aquatic) is the star of a new direct-to-Internet feature length film, called Zzyzx (Zi-zux). The concept is interesting (I haven’t checked out the film yet, though. Post your comments if you have.).

URL: Story about the film in the Sun Chronicle
URL: Film site

Wes Anderson American Express commercial wins AICP award

Just a little tidbit…

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers has named Ogilvy & Mather’s “Wes Anderson” for American Express the best commercial of 2006.

URL: Read about the awards in AdWeek.
URL: Watch the video at YouTube.

Chuck Dugan is Awol: A Novel with Maps

A late note about a not-so-recent book (one released in April 2005, actually). But, I feel guilty. And, I just found out. Eric Chase Anderson wrote and illustrated a book called Chuck Dugan is Awol. It looks phenomenal. There has been some discussion of it over at the Yankee Racers board (go to the thread), but not nearly enough. So, buy this book, and let’s talk about it (and sorry for being so out of the loop).

(buy it from Amazon through this link and support the site)