Darjeeling Limited soundtrack out September 25

According to Amazon.com, The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack will be released on September 25th! Click here to pre-order (and support the site):


Thanks to Yankee Racer akatimo for the lead!

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Odds and sods

Some links:

We are looking for*:

  • Wes fans attending the Venice International Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, or the London Film Festival, who can take photos and report on the festivities.
  • The owner of the ex-wesanderson.org. ‘mr/ms org,’ as he/she was known, we are looking for you!
  • Site contributors, willing to dig up information and images about Wes and his films on the web, and someone interested in hosting a podcast at this site.

* E-mail webmaster @ rushmoreacademy.com (no spaces).

HBO Films Directors Dialogue with Wes Anderson

We are, of course, still worried about Owen, but we would like to pass on this exciting information.

There will be an HBO Films Directors Dialogue with Wes Anderson hosted by Kent Jones @ The Times Center on W. 41st with a Young Friends of Film reception to follow. Tickets are $16 and $40 which includes the reception. Oh it’s on October 10th @ 7PM….

Ticket info should be listed here:


URL: Thread at the Yankee Racers

I have some new videos and links to post, but I delayed because of the Owen situation. I will post them soon.

Owen Wilson hospitalized


Various gossip/news outlets are reporting that Owen Wilson was hospitalized Sunday. We refuse to speculate, as they have. Owen has requested “that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time.” Our thoughts are with Owen.

Please, we do not have contact information for Mr. Wilson. Your desire to reach him is well intended, but we encourage you to respect his privacy, as he has requested. If you need a support group, leave your comments and feelings over on the Yankee Racers forum (URL). We will keep you updated.

August 29, 3.03 pm edit: As I have said, we don’t want to speculate, but I think this post is a fantastic response to the sensationalized media coverage of Owen’s predicament.


We were surprised and honored yesterday to see that the Rushmore Academy was featured on Fox Searchlight’s INSIDE SEARCHLIGHT feature. So, THANKS to the Fox Searchlight team, and to everyone who has contributed to this site over the years.

URL: Inside Searchlight feature on US!

Thanks, again.

We are hoping to offer some additional updates today, so be on the look-out (caw caw, caw caw!). A few recent updates and posts:

Darjeeling Limited soundtrack news

The soundtrack will be released by ABKCO.

Click CONTINUE for a complete soundtrack listing for the film (considered a spoiler, by some!):

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Bottle Rocket on Criterion?

From the Criterion Forum:

Not to get people’s hopes up or anything, but the [then] latest (6.12.07) New York Times TimesTalks podcast is an hour long interview with Luke and Andrew Wilson. During the audience Q&A section at the end, they are asked about a Bottle Rocket special edition DVD and Luke says “We just heard last week that I think they’re going to do one of those Criterion versions of it. I don’t know if that’s true, but we did hear that.” (this is at the 55:10 mark)


Hotel Chevalier, and Darjeeling Limited

The Guardian (U.K.) has revealed that Hotel Chevalier, a 12 minute short film by director Wes Anderson, will serve as a prologue for feature-length The Darjeeling Limited. (URL)


New videos:

Production Diary: Day 39, Jodhpur Desert (Yahoo!)

Behind the Scenes, Clip 1 (AOL)

Exclusive: On the Set (MSN) 

Fox Searchlight has promised another video “later today” on MTV.com.

New details on IMDB entry

The Darjeeling Limited‘s entry on the Internet Movie Database offers some new details on the film (some character names, at least):


Wes sans Mothersbaugh

From our friends over at the Playlist:

Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of speculation (including our own) on the whereabouts of Anderson mainstay and composer Mark Mothersbaugh (who has scored all of Wes film’s up until now). We just heard from our inside source who confirmed that Mothersbaugh, will in fact, not be participating in this new Anderson film. As we’ve noted extensively, the ‘Darjeeling’ will use music from the films of Indian cinema legend Satyajit Ray and Merchant Ivory (whose early films were all set in India). Expect songs from Satyajit Ray himself as he began scoring all his own films after 1961. Our other educated guesses on the music by those aforementioned filmmaker you might hear can be read here.

P.S. Check out Rodrigo’s really fantastic piece “Wes Anderson and the Satyajit Ray Connection.”