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Rocket Science (2007) — buy at Amazon and support the site

From The Onion:

Sometimes, indie films rip off Anderson’s work wholesale; at other times, they have the familiar texture of his movies while heading off in different directions. Though Jeffrey Blitz’s semi-autobiographical debut feature—a follow-up to his hit documentary Spellbound—has its own particularities and a greater commitment to realism than Anderson’s work, it applies his stylistic template. The use of music, especially, connects Blitz to Anderson, from the repeated refrains of Violent Femmes’ “Blister In The Sun” (including a version for cello and piano) to the mopey Eef Barzelay tunes that underscore the entire movie like the David Bowie songs in The Life Aquatic. Unsurprisingly, Blitz’s stabs at Anderson-like whimsy are the film’s weakest element; when he gets real and deals directly with a stutterer’s coming of age, the film stakes out more original territory (link).

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