Wes Anderson Film Festival?

A few years back, some of the Yankee Racers organized a Wes Anderson Film Festival.

We want to try it again. We would put up a chat room, meet at a designated time, and press play simultaneously. What do you think? What film should we watch together first?

Mini-exhibition: The Photography of Pierre Wetzel

French photographer Pierre Wetzel lives and works in Bordeaux. He specializes in portrait and music photography.

Photos republished with permission from the author. Please visit his online galleries. Reproduction of these photographs without the consent of Mr. Wetzel is a copyright violation.

www.aufildesjours.info (photoblog)

(c) Pierre Wetzel

(c) Pierre Wetzel

(c) Pierre Wetzel

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“5 Signs You’re Watching a Wes Anderson Movie” (OMG Lists)

Nice post from OMG Lists, a site that apparently specializes in… lists? Nothing earth-shattering here, but worth a look.

The text is reproduced below, but be sure to visit the original post for video evidence.

He’s one of indie filmmaking’s biggest names. If you ever find yourself watching a film you’re not sure who directed… here’s a checklist of signs to know you’re watching one of Anderson’s films.

5- Bill Murray Being Serious

If you’re seeing this comic king in a movie that was made in the past ten years it’s probably a Wes Anderson movie. Of the last fifteen film projects Murray has done four have been with Anderson. It was his role in “Rushmore” that made him an indie-film darling with such directors as Jim Jarmusch and Sofia Coppola. Murray has a strong commitment to Anderson, backing up the director by pulling out of his own pocket to help shoot a scene and also working for free in “The Royal Tenenbaums”. Their film relationship has produced some interesting film experiences as well as a partnership of respect and comradeship.

4- Slow Motion Endings

In all but one of his films, Anderson has ended with the slow motion shot. We saw Dignan leaving for prison in “Bottle Rocket”, Max’s Dance with Miss Cross in “Rushmore”, Royal Tenenbaums’s funeral, and Steve Zissou walk the red carpet all in slow motion into the end credits. It’s a signature style that Anderson has replicated in most of his films. Also notice the credits, first name in lower and uppercase but the last name is always uppercase. The only movie that broke the slow motion ending tradition? “The Darjeeling Limited,” which began with a slow motion shot of Peter Whitman barely making the namesake train.

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Wes and Jarvis in Paris

Another Wes sighting in Paris, this time noted on fashion design team Eley Kishimoto’s blog:

Whilst taking Alexis to see the window on the last night of fashion week Wes Anderson strolled by with a banjo over his arm walking with what looked like a band that consisted of two members I didn’t recognise and Jarvis Cocker. Alexis knees buckled fumbling at her crash helmet, it was a pleasant suprise as when we started we had dinner with Jean and met Wes and discussed it. He stated lets stay 2m and take it in, very sweet, honked the horn and off we road.

Wes in a band? With JC? Sounds like a dream come true…

Dateline Paris: Wes sighting

Friend of the site Elaine, who is studying living abroad in France for a year, saw Mr. Wes Anderson at fnac this past weekend. She kindly posted some photographs on our Facebook group, which I have stolen reproduced here.




Vive le Wes!

New petition: we want TDL on Criterion!

Our last revolutionary struggle was a success (sort of). After many years of petitioning for a Criterion Collection edition of Bottle Rocket, one is now forthcoming. Coincidence? Probably.

Anyway, the struggle is ongoing. We now have a new petition for you to sign, asking for The Darjeeling Limited on Criterion. Please do sign. We also have a ‘supplementary’ petition, about Satyajit Ray’s Apu trilogy.

We are accepting proposals for blogs on this site. E-mail edwardappleby @ yankeeracers.org (no spaces) with your idea or a link to your current blog. Metro Line 13, a blog by Owen Bates (currently under construction), will be our first Rushmore Academy blog.

We are also still offering Google Mail accounts @ yankeeracers.org. E-mail the above e-mail address with your request.

Update: Is anyone good at making WordPress themes? I am not, apparently. E-mail me.

Reader mail: a missed news tidbit?

From reader Michael:


I randomly stumbled across this just now, not sure if you’ve seen it…

I’m submitting this because a) I hadn’t seen it before, and I’d up until now been fairly certain I’d read literally every interview Anderson conducted in promoting Darjeeling, and b) I’ve been visiting your website at least once a day since I found it, which was some time a few months before Darjeeling was released.

Here’s the pertinent bit for your convenience:

“Noah [Baumbach] and I started working on a…story for a movie without really realizing we were doing it. It wasn’t ‘The Life Aquatic.’ It was something else that we haven’t even finished writing. Whenever we would go to dinner or something, we’d just start making up scenes for this thing and then we just started writing them down because [we realized] that we’ve got a lot of stuff now.”

Best, and thanks for all the work. It’s a great site, and I appreciate the good writing.

Tally-ho! And, thanks!

Wes, Jason, and Adrien offer up their own Darjeeling Limited playlists


Back in October (or thereabouts), Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman, and Adrien Brody assembled their own Darjeeling Limited playlists for the iTunes Store. While old news to many, this is new news to us! Thanks to Owen for the lead. Track listings after the break.

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Waris in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead

Waris is in a new film.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead.

Sean Lennon is set to participate in the forthcoming film Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead, Billboard.com reports. According to director and writer Jordan Galland, the film is “a vampire comedy involving Shakespeare and the Holy Grail, starring Jake Hoffman [who also has a rather famous father], Devon Aoki, Johnny Ventimiglia, Kris Lemche, Ralph Macchio and Jeremy Sisto, with a cameo from Bijou Phillips.” The indie flick (about an off-Broadway production involving not-so-deceased scriptwriters, no less) will feature music scored by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s talented kid (Paste).

Higher resolution trailer

Official site