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Mark Mothersbaugh art on tour (from Paste)

From Paste:

Mark Mothersbaugh plans to tickle our fancies this spring, when he tours the United States showcasing his artwork. The art, which has doubled as Mothersbaugh’s personal (and creative) method of diary-keeping, will travel to Berkley, Calif. and the windy city of Chicago in an exhibition entitled “The Postcard Diaries.”
“Usually, the only way someone can get an original sketch is if I give it to them myself,” Mothersbaugh said in a statement. “I’ve sent a few in the mail, and handed others out to friends and family. I’ve probably got around 30,000 of them filed away now…and I keep making more every day. The limited edition prints are my way of sharing these personal images with other people around the world.”

If displaying his most personal memories to the universe wasn’t enough, Mothersbaugh, along with the other lifetime members of Devo, has also been busy creating the soundtrack to your life, almost literally. The four men, along with a couple other composers, created the music for HBO’s first season of Big Love, the theme to Pee-wee’s Playhouse (seriously), and the soundtrack to the majority of Wes Anderson’s films. (And that barely scratches the surface of the group’s prevalence in pop-culture. Those Apple vs. PC ads? Them. Rugrats‘ music? You guessed it.)

Check out info about the opening party on Craigslist, and get ready to whip it good. (What? You knew we’d fit that in somewhere. Even if it doesn’t make much sense, Mothersbaugh would surely approve.) And, if you’re a true fan, you can always pick up a Red Energy Dome Hat to wear to the show here.

Adrien in India

“The Darjeeling Limited” has seen a country wide release in India since the last week of April. There have been a handful of mostly positive reviews for the film. Perhaps most of interest is a new-seeming interview with Adrien Brody in the Times of India. Great to see that he is still doing promotion for TDL.

Did you have any strange experiences or comic misadventure of your own?

AB: Yeah, I bought a motorcycle and I was there with my girlfriend and we were riding around a lot. I was passing a took-took, one of those little rickshaws, so I moved to the side, and there was a buffalo there. I jammed on the breaks and we skidded and I almost went head first into the rear end of this buffalo. I was laughing as I almost died because it was so absurd to me. I was thinking, ‘This is going to be the way I’m going to be remembered.’ All the hard work down the drain and this is it. I saw the headline instantly.