Wes Anderson John McCain ad (parody)

Kind of funny… starts at 2.23. Don’t forget the Second Annual Wes Anderson Inspired Halloween Costume Contest.

Second Annual Wes Anderson Inspired Halloween Costume Contest


Enter our Second Annual Wes Anderson Inspired Halloween Costume Contest. We are giving away at least two prize packages, which include some great items that Wes fans should covet:

  • Noah and the Whale’s fantastic new album Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down
  • Derek Hill’s great book Charlie Kaufman and Hollywood’s Merry Band of Pranksters, Fabulists and Dreamers: An Excursion Into the American New Wave
  • Our good friend Coin Laundry Loser’s EP Summer, including his Wes-inspired song “Edward Appleby”

To enter, upload a picture of yourself in your Wes-inspired costume to Flickr (registration required) and tag it with “rushmoreacademy2008” (if, for whatever reason, you can’t use Flickr, e-mail edwardappleby@yankeeracers.org to make alternative arrangements). Who will you be? Peter Whitman? Max Fischer? Steve Zissou? Wes Anderson himself? Bob Yeoman? Dart Boy? Check out some of the entries from last year.

Entries will be voted on by the staff of the Rushmore Academy. By submitting an entry, you:
a) confirm that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older and that it is legal for you to post your picture.
b) give permission to rushmoreacademy.com to post your entry on its public website.

The contest submission period ends November 7, 2008 at midnight EST. Contest rules, stipulations, and prizes are subject to change at the sponsor’s discretion. RushmoreAcademy.com cannot control the content of Flickr.com. Please report inappropriate entries to the Flickr administrators. Direct inquiries to edwardappleby @ yankeeracers.org (no spaces).

(buy it at Amazon)

(buy it at Amazon)

(buy it at Amazon)

Thanks to Sneak Attack Media, Nick Flora, and Derek Hill for sponsoring this year’s contest.

Tease about the Second Annual Wes-Inspired Halloween Costume Contest / Yankee Journal entries still being accepted

We are doing the Halloween costume contest again. So, get designing! Last year, we gave away luxurious Darjeeling Limited prize packages. Details and prizes for this year coming soon! Check out some of the entries from last year.

And, as announced earlier, the deadline for submissions to the first issue of The Yankee Journal has been extended to October 31, 2008. We have received many fantastic, Max Fischer-worthy entries, but we’d love to hear from more of you. Details.

Buy Noah and the Whale’s new album at Amazon.com!

Bad news for Cahiers du cinéma

Potentially bad news about the great film journal Cahiers du cinéma, a founding institution of the French Nouvelle Vague. From DaveKehr.com:

News from Paris: the website “Les Cahiers aux Cahiers” is reporting that the venerable magazine is on the point of being sold to the UK based publisher Phaidon. Known primarily for its lush art books, Phaidon has promised, according to a press release from present owners, the Le Monde group, posted on the Cahiers aux Cahiers site, to support “the continuance and development of ‘Les Cahiers du cinema.’” But there seems to be anxiety on all sides, from both the dissident editors behind the “Cahiers aux Cahiers” site and the group “Les Amis des Cahiers,” whose directors are the current publisher, Claudine Paquot, and Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Thierry Jousse, Bernard Latarjet, Michel Piccoli, and Serge Toubiana. Meetings have been called for this weekend. A suivre . . . .


Ian Dingman interview

From Stickers and Donuts.

7. How did you get to do the cover art for Bottle Rocket’s Criterion Collection? Will we see your work just on the cover, or is it on the booklet, too? (Also, do you have a favorite Wes Anderson movie?)
I received a message from Criterion outlining the “Bottle Rocket” project and asking if I was interested. Of course I was interested as well as excited. I had seen the movie a long time ago and have always been a fan of Wes’ movies as well as Eric’s artwork. He unfortunately was unavailable for the project.

The assignment turned out to be a massive undertaking that was slowly crafted over eight months. Wes was involved in every aspect of the project and nothing made it to final art without Wes’ approval. Things to look forward to: on-screen menu pages galore, my awkward hand-drawn version of Futura, and among other things I’m leaving out, a 24-page booklet that might interest even the most casual Wes Anderson fans. Favorite Wes Anderson movie? Rushmore, hands down.

Read the rest over at the delightful blog, Stickers and Donuts.

“A Little Love: The Art of Bill Melendez”

All about the “Peanuts” animator, his collaboration with Charles Schulz, the modernist flavor of his work, and his influence on the films of Wes Anderson…

A great little video. Thanks to Matt for the link.

Bill Murray talks the Fox

From ComingSoon.net:

Q: What is your role in Wes Anderson’s upcoming animated “Fantastic Mr. Fox”?

Murray: I’ll be playing the badger.

Q: What is your badger voice?

Murray: Unfortunately, my badger… I worked really, really hard on a Wisconsin accent, ’cause I thought that would be an appropriate badger voice. And for the first couple scenes I did this Wisconsin badger voice that I thought was so funny. I did the first couple scenes and then Wes goes, “Nah, I don’t think so. I would think it’s kind of a Savile Row badger.” Who here has seen a badger walkin’ down Savile Row? Anybody? (Laughter) Yeah. That’s what I said. But these are these new directors. You know, you just gotta give ’em their… you know, let ’em hang themselves. I’ve seen some pictures of it. I think it’s old-fashioned ’cause it’s taking ’em a very long time to get it done, but they’re very excited (complete interview).

Other articles of interest:

“Nico: the return of the rock’n’roll star” from The Independent (U.K.)

“After divorce, Bill Murray looks for renewal” from Associated Press

Register to vote; verify your registration

For our U.S. readers:

We don’t normally use this forum to political ends, but we must encourage you to register to vote. If you already are, please verify your registration. The registration deadline for the vital state of Ohio is Monday, October 6.

Use this nifty tool to find information on your state and locality and to verify your registration.

To talk politics, visit the “All Things Political” thread on the Yankee Racers forum.

Yankee Journal vol. 1: deadline extended

Call for Submissions

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the premiere of Rushmore, the film that inspired this site, the Rushmore Academy will release the first issue of our online art and literary Yankee Journal this fall (early October). Submissions should be inspired by the films of Wes Anderson but need not be about Mr. Anderson or his films (they, of course, can be). Accepted submissions will include, but are not limited to:

  • Graphic art (of any genre or type, submitted as a PNG, JPG, etc)
  • Poetry
  • Short story
  • Essay (including film critiques and reviews)
  • A little one act

By submitting your entry, you give us permission to publish it online. Your work will be subject to the same Creative Commons license that the site uses. We will not sell your entry nor use it for any purpose other than the stated one.

Submissions must be submitted by midnight on October 31, 2008 to edwardappleby@yankeeracers.org. Only selected entries will be used in the journal. Thank you.

Wes revisited in new American Express commercial

I love this line. My project was to find beauty in the flaws and vice versa.

(P.S. I love John Cleese)