Bottle Rocket Criterion out this Tuesday!

The long-awaited Bottle Rocket Criterion Collection edition is out this Tuesday! The Blu-Ray edition has been delayed, to be released December 16 according to

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DVD Beaver has a great feature on the new Criterion DVD set compared to the original DVD. Be sure click through, but here is a preview of the new Criterion Collection edition:

Update: Looks like DVD Beaver has cut off our image stealing, so head over there to see the screencaps.

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Geeking Out about Rushmore

The kids over at Playing In Peoria are Geeking Out about Rushmore this week. From Dustin:

I run a comedy podcast called Playing in Peoria ( in Chicago.  Every week we do a segment called “Weekly Geek Out” where we spotlight something we love.  This latest episode (, we “geeked out” on Rushmore, which has long been a favorite of ours and many of our listeners.

Check it out already.

Halloween costume contest update

If your entry doesn’t show up here, e-mail your photo as an attachment to edwardappleby @ (no spaces).


Married, Wes Anderson-style: Mike and Emma’s wedding

Mike and Emma get married, Wes Anderson-style. From A Cup of Jo:

Congrats to these crazy kids.