Interview with Ian Dingman

Time Out Chicago interviews “Bottle Rocket” Criterion DVD artist Ian Dingman:

TOC: So did you make a truckload of money?
Ian Dingman: [Laughs] I deduced that I made about 50 cents on the hour over the eight months. There were a couple of times where I worked 36 hours straight. But it was one of those jobs I would’ve done for free.

Wes interviews Peter Bogdanovich

Cheers! And, Happy New Year!

From the Yankee Racers:

There’s an awesome set of videos up on youtube of Wes interviewing Peter Bogdanovich about his film They All Laughed. It’s really interesting and cool to see Wes getting to talk to one of his heroes – check it out!

(sorry for not embedding the videos, but the function has been disabled for these videos)

Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –