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Chat and watch The Royal Tenenbaums with us Thursday at 9 p.m. ET


What: Royal Tenenbaums screening party
Where: Rushmore Academy chat room
When: Thursday, April 30, 2009, 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific

BYODVD! Part of the 2009 Wes Anderson Film Festival.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox on stage

The play of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox was adapted by David Wood and was first performed in the Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park, London in 2007. It is being performed this May by the Players Theatre in Singapore.

35 Cheviot Hill Singapore 459639
May 18-31, 2009


Film Talk: Satyajit Ray

From the Film Society of Lincoln Center:

Coming to you from Belfast and Nashville via the Internet, the opinionated gents of The Film Talk (Gareth Higgins and Jett Loe) dissect our Satyajit Ray series. You can listen to them talking about achieving effortless naturalism in cinema, the proper pronunciation of Satyajit Ray’s name, and the meaning of a Ray retrospective in the midst of a world of multiplexes. It’s a great contextualization of our Ray series, which is closing tomorrow (Wednesday).

New podcasts from The Film Talk come out frequently, and cover notable movies both high and low. You can subscribe to them on iTunes, or visit their official site.

[Open the Film Talk podcast here]

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Wes Moment No. 003

“Needle in the Hay”

Brought to you by the 2009 Wes Anderson Film Festival. Join us this Thursday at 9 p.m. ET to chat and watch The Royal Tenenbaums together.

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Yankee Racers: Fantastic Mr. Fox

From stretch:

Darjeeling was a lot lower budget, and I feel like Fox didn’t expect huge numbers from it.

It appears with Mr Fox, that they’re going to carefully place the release date. I think this bodes well, and I think Wes’s meticulous attention to detail will translate well to clay (or whatever they use — models). I really hope Mr Fox can be upper echelon stop motion — approaching Nightmare Before Christmas status.

Certainly, Wes has accumulated more fans with each film, so all those people will be interested. What do you think Mr Fox needs to be? Light? Detailed? Epic? Rated G?

Join the discussion.

Ice trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier, featuring music from The Life Aquatic

From The World Effect:

The World Effect travelogue video 12: Argentina (Patagonia) from The World Effect on Vimeo.

Wes-inspired art

From Les Herman:

Update: if you are interested in prints, please contact lesliepherman(at)

Wes Anderson

The Darjeeling Limited

From Phil:

“At the Movies” (starting in the front row, left to right: Terry Gilliam, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, Jim Jarmusch, Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, Hal Ashby, Woody Allen, Paul Thomas Anderson, Werner Herzog, Michel Gondry, Martin Scorsese,  David Lynch, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, François Truffaut, Sidnet Lumet)