Fantastic Mr. Fox music video: “Let Her Dance”


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  1. Thanks for posting updates on Mr. Fox. I am really enjoying reading up and waiting to see the film in person.

    Puppets and sets from the movie will be on display at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco starting this Friday Nov 13, 2009.

    The museums tweets:
    “Fantastic Mr. Fox puppets on display @CAM starting Friday morning! This is going to be cool! #fox #stopmotion #animation #cartoon”

    And from Facebook (from the museum’s curator):
    “Andrew Farago and Nathan Parker just installed the Cartoon Art Museum’s Fantastic Mr. Fox exhibition. Stop by and check out two sets from Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie!”

    I figured that this might be interesting information to you and your readers. I teach at the museum and when I went by today there was a giant wooden crate with all the treasures in it. I can’t wait it.

    Brian Kolm

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