Monthly Archives: April 2010

A Fantastic birthday!

Richard had this cake created by the Riviera Bakehouse in Ardsley, New York, for his daughter Iliana’s second birthday. Best dad ever? And it is never too early to become a fan of Wes Anderson. Happy belated Birthday, Iliana. “She is a cute little kid.”

(click for larger image)

I want you on Team Zissou.

Our pal Shaun sent along one of his (unofficial and unsanctioned) Team Zissou rings. You can get your own over at his Etsy shop. It comes with a special surprise, but we won’t ruin it.

Well it’s got to be.

Wes and Noah film eachother at NYPL, Fantastic Mr. Fox a Italia, Germany

Below we have a video of Wes and Noah Baumbach at the New York Public Library (before a great talk), discussing the writing process and filming eachother. More after the break.

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