Pre-Order The Darjeeling Limited Criterion Blu-Ray

Though it is still without a firm release date, you can now pre-order The Criterion Collection edition of The Dajreeling Limited on Blu-Ray at Amazon.

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It appears Darjeeling is one of the few Criterion titles with a pre-order page that hasn’t already been officially announced, so hopefully that means we can expect a release date soon.

The Daily Show: “The Strife Aquatic”

A little homage to The Life Aquatic on last night’s Daily Show…

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Day 58 – The Strife Aquatic
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“Geek Alphabet” T-Shirt

Threadless is now selling what they call a “Geek Alphabet” t-shirt, which you can see below.

(Click to enlarge)

There are a few Wes characters among the letters, how many can you spot?

via /Film