Owen Wilson in Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”

A trailer has appeared for this year’s Woody Allen offering, Midnight in Paris, starring Owen Wilson. We’re glad to see Wilson working with another master after some less than thrilling films. We’ve enjoyed much of Allen’s European work, and this looks splendid. Wilson is joined by Darjeeling co-star Adrien Brody, and a great cast including France’s first lady Carla Bruni.

Midnight in Paris is out in the US on May 20th, through Sony Pictures Classics.

Cast Confirmed, and Jason Schwartzman Joins “Moonrise Kingdom”

As Wes’ next film Moonrise Kingdom heads towards its late Spring shoot, more cast members are being confirmed, and a Rhode Island casting agency has confirmed three actors for the film. As Deadline reported previously, Ed Norton and Frances McDormand will be among the sprawling, star-studded cast, and they’ve also confirmed Jason Schwartzman will have a role. The film will shoot in Rhode Island very soon.

Thanks to jexxica for the tip.

The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox (Video)

College Humor has created this stop-motion parody mash-up of the video game Star Fox, and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

I can’t say we’re really the audience for this one (must have missed it in my SNES days), but it’s well made and if you get the jokes, I’m sure very funny. Enjoy.