Moonrise Kingdom Oscar Considerations. And KanyeWesAnderson

Oscar season is coming, when December movies will be dumped on us to make the breaking point for an Academy Award consideration. But let’s take a step back and not forget our friend Wes Anderson and his critically acclaimed film Moonrise Kingdom. Slant Magazine has written a terrific article detailing the possible nominations MK might obtain. Read more about it here. Oscar Prospects: Moonrise KingdomSlant Magazine hosts a weekly analysis of possible awards contenders and predictions for Oscar nominations.

We’ve stumbled upon a clever tumblr account called KanyeWes. Pretty much your average Kanye West lyrics overlaid onto Wes Anderson stills. Here are some of our favorites so far.



Art by: “We Are Legion” by Aaron Jasinski

Ralph Fiennes in talks for ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’

With all of the casting confusion the internet is producing, we’re happy to set the record straight and report that both Variety and the Hollywood Reporter (THR) have confirmed Ralph Fiennes is in negotiations for Wes Anderon’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. He’s set to play a character named M. Gustave, who serves as the hotel’s perfectly composed concierge. This role was originally reported to be filled by Johnny Depp, but Wes Anderson denied this two months ago. But Anderson’s frequent cronies Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman are in the cast. Couldn’t imagine an Anderson without them. Fiennes recent projects have been acting alongside Daniel Craig in 007: Skyfall and portraying Charles Dickens in The Invisible Woman.

Also, THR has noted that Murder She Wrote‘s Angela Lansbury is no longer involved with the movie due to commitments to a stage version of the Academy-award winning film Driving Miss Daisy (also a Pulitzer Prize winning play). Lansbury has been performing on stage every year for the past six years. Lansbury will be playing alongside James Earl Jones and will open next year at Her Majesty’s Theater. Tickets will be on sale October 22nd.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is set for release in 2014. Keep checking back at for more updates.