A Life Galactic

Ever wondered what the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs would look like in slow motion set to the music of the Kinks? Well, you’re in luck, because the folks over at Conan have created a funny short of Wes Anderson’s (fictional) test reel for Star Wars: Episode VII. Check it out here over at Flavorwire where Judy Berman comments:

Forget Grand Budapest Hotel; any man-child filmmaker worth his daddy issues would drop everything to direct Disney’s Star Wars: Episode VII, so of course Wes Anderson has put together some test footage for consideration. And somehow (i.e., they made it up) Conan got their hands on that reel. Titled A Life Galactic, Anderson’s take is just as twee and intricate as you might hope, featuring a stylized showdown between Han and Greedo and the sweetest two-creature motorcycle ride you’ve ever seen.

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