Inside The Grand Budapest Hotel


With anticipation building over Wes Anderson’s upcoming release ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, we are seeing an increasing number of teasers including the full cast of characters and short clips from the film itself, but what do we know about the backdrop and namesake of the film? Here’s what we found:

Since inviting us aboard the Belafonte in 2004, Wes has shot in locations as far and vast as Paris and India. The Grand Budapest Hotel is no different,  the film is being shot on location in and around Berlin.

The renowned Gorlitzer Warenhaus shopping centre will host many of the scenes representing the inside of the hotel.


The film is said to be set between the wars, meaning we get to look forward to more of Wes’ infamous romanticising with decor from a period full of character and history.
“As you might gather from the title, a hotel figures prominently in it, and it mostly takes place about 85 years ago. And it’s kind of European…a bit inspired partly by Hollywood Europe, and also by some European writers around that time. Yeah. That’s a little bit about it. Kind of vague, but…” – Wes Anderson (LA Times)


The Grand Budapest Hotel opens March 7th, 2014

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