Interview with Unpaid Moonrise Kingdom Intern

After featuring two of his posts in Friday Round-Ups, we figured it was time to (virtually) sit down with Dustin Sohn and ask him about his experience as an intern in the Set Decoration department on Moonrise Kingdom.

Tell me a little about yourself.
I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, attended Bellevue High School, and in a few days, I will be graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a BFA in Illustration!

How did you find out about the internship?
I found out about the internship through a mass email that was sent out to the Illustration department and I decided to send my resume on a whim. The heads of various other majors (Film/Animation/Video, Industrial Design, etc.) reached out to their departments about the opportunity as well. Moonrise Kingdom was filming in Rhode Island, so it only made sense that they reached out to RISD to recruit interns.

When did you find out you would be working on Moonrise Kingdom?
Well, I didn’t expect to hear back when I sent in my resume. In fact, I forgot I even applied until I received a call for an interview a few weeks later!

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Friday News Round-Up 5/25/12

It’s here, it’s finally here! It’s opening day! Buy your tickets early and often to support Wes and luxuriate in his newest cinematic masterpiece (and confidentially, as few of our editors have already seen the film, we can confirm it’s as wonderful as you had hoped.)

With that said, it’s time to get down to brass tacks, here’s your Friday Round-up:

How Wes Anderson Soundtracks His Films

If you’ve ever enjoyed Wes Anderson’s keen sense of pairing just the right song with justthe right scene, you have Randall Poster to thank. NPR has a wonderful interview with Poster that focuses on his work with Wes. Poster has worked on all of Wes’s films post-Bottle Rocket, after meeting through a mutual friend.

While walking around a farmer’s market, Anderson told Poster about a piece of music that he wanted to use for Bottle Rocket but couldn’t because of a rights issue.

“I was so smitten with the film that I basically promised to get any piece of music that he ever wanted to use in a movie,” Poster says. “And that kicked us off.”

Randall Poster’s interview with NPR is a real gem and offers a very different perspective of working on an Anderson film. To learn even more about Poster’s work, a 2007 interview with the Guardian has some great blurbs about working on WA films and others.

Image of Poster on the set of The Darjeeling Limited from moviefone.

W Magazine on the Moonrise Kingdom Set

W Magazine just released a slideshow of behind-the-scenes images shot during the filming of Moonrise Kingdom. The pictures offer a peek into the filming process and the captions, provided by Wes, exemplify his dry wit. See the brief article and the rest of the slideshow over at W Magazine.

Sam and Suzy Shine in the Spotlight

Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward sat down with USA Today to discuss their experience on set including their hobbies, family lives, and their shared first on-screen (and real-life) kiss. The pair seem to be as precious in reality as onscreen:

When Jared mentions a recent film obsession — the 2010 superhero spoof Kick-Ass— he feels obligated to politely mouth the second half of the title.

The video of the stars only increases their appeal:

Read more about Kara and Jared at USA Today.

The Guardian’s Interview of Wes

The Guardian has a nice interview with Wes regarding his style, his critical reception, working with children, and his frequent collaborators. Regarding the last, he says:

“I don’t think any of us are considered ‘normal’ people,” he says. “It’s probably more a family of crazy uncles. But there’s an energy that comes from people who are friends. Whatever chemistry is on set is going to be there in the movie, and you want some electricity that you don’t really control.”

The rest of the interview can be read over at The Guardian.

Friday News Round-Up 5/18/12

Here we are again with another edition of the Round-Up. The heat is definitely on press-wise as the movie’s actual premiere date gets closer. Let’s get to it:

Slate’s Interview with Wes Anderson

Jacob Weisberg sat down with Wes for an extended interview to discuss his auteur style, his commercials as mini-movies, stop-motion animation, and the pleasures of working with Bill Murray, along with answering Slate reader questions for the Conversations with Slate series. Two installments have been released so far, with others to be added as the week goes on (and TRA will be there to update this post!)

Here is the first installment, in which he discusses the casting of the adolescent leads, his childhood experiences, and his love-affair with Francois Truffaut:

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Friday News Round-Up (5/11/12)

Friday News Round-Up 4/27/12

A little slow this week, but enjoy the lull while you can. Next week is May which is release month. This week’s round-up: