Three More New Clips from Moonrise Kingdom

Three great new clips from Moonrise Kingdom have been released in the last few days.

First, featuring Sam and Suzy, “Were you followed?”

See two more clips after the jump.

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Friday News Round-Up – 4/20/12

As if you haven’t noticed this already, the closer we get to the release of Moonrise Kingdom, the more news bits are coming out of the woodwork. Sometimes they’re extremely noteworthy and merit their own post, and sometimes they’re just little blips on the radar. This week, we’re starting a new weekly Friday News Round-Up to capture the smaller things around the web that we found interesting, but weren’t quite enough to stand alone:

Three New Clips from Moonrise Kingdom

First, from the AV Club, a great clip of Tilda Swinton as the Social Services administrator arrives to stock of the investigation of Sam’s escape with Bruce Willis as Captain Sharp and Edward Norton as Scoutmaster Ward. Embed via The Film Stage.

See two more clips after the jump.

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International Poster for Moonrise Kingdom Released

The new poster for Moonrise Kingdom was just released Friday and it’s quite a departure from the domestic poster. Looking very reminiscent of the official poster for The Royal Tenebaums, the entire cast is assembled for a class photo– the same photo released just a few days ago. Again featured is the beautiful typography of Jessica Hische.

Here it is:

(Click here to see the poster full-size.)
What do you think?

14 New Stills from Moonrise Kingdom

And the hits just keep on coming! 14 new stills from Moonrise Kingdom have been released, featuring Kara Hayward, Jared Gilman, Ed Norton, Jason Schwartzman, and Bill Murray, along with many campers. We’ve included three of our favorites below:

See the rest over at Collider.

Moonrise Kingdom Soundtrack Details Released

The first details of the Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack have been released by ABCKO Records, the company that also released the soundtracks to The Darjeeling Limited and Fantastic Mr. Fox. The soundtrack, which is due to be released on May 22, will feature Françoise Hardy, Hank Williams, Alexandre Desplat, music performed by Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic, and classical composer Benjamin Britten, whose majestic choral opera “Noye’s Fluddes,” evidently “ignites the film’s young lovers.” No stranger to Wes Anderson films, Marc Mothersbaugh also contributes a track.

The soundtrack is available for pre-order on Amazon, but does not yet have a soundtrack listing.

Françoise Hardy’s Le Temps de l’Amour was featured in the first trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, so no surprises there. The mix of the French Yé-Yé with American country and classical compositions would be strange in anyone else’s film, but it seems quintessentially Wes.

Wes Anderson and Ed Norton in EW

Wes Anderson and Ed Norton recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and gave a quick interview about Moonrise Kingdom. Ed Norton, who stars in the new movie as Scout Master Ward, offered this great bit about working with Wes:

What’s it like making a Wes Anderson movie?

“Actually, my character in the film is not dissimilar from the way Wes directs a film,” says Norton, who plays an earnest, let’s-do-it! optimist of a troop leader. “[My character] doesn’t have a shred of cynicism about him. He’s a real believer. It was probably the easiest gig I ever had, because all I had to do was turn to Wes and say, ‘How would you say this line?’ Then I would just imitate it. He’s a great person to work for and with. He’s really a lot of fun.”

Read the rest of the brief interview at Entertainment Weekly .

Wes Anderson’s Ad for Sony Xperia

As promised, here is Wes Anderson’s new stop-motion ad for the Sony Xperia. What do you think? Is it what you expected?

Futura: Le Specimen Animé

Beautiful animated short film by Thibault de Fournas about our auteur’s favorite font, Futura. Done in a charming mix French and English, Futura: Le Specimen Animé quickly chronicles the brief history of the font. Of course, Wes Anderson gets a reference.

FUTURA LE SPECIMEN ANIMÉ from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.

Preview for Wes Anderson’s New Ad for Sony

Hot on the heels of two commericals for Hyundai comes this new commercial for Sony Xperia Smartphones. Using 9 custom sets, 37 hand-crafted models and over 10,000 man hours, Wes created a stop-motion animated commercial based on ‘the imagination of children.’

Wes’s commercial will be released March 24, 2012.