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The Royal Tenenbaums Coming to Criterion Blu-Ray!

Exciting news for fans of pixels, Wes’ third film The Royal Tenenbaums will, as Rushmore before it, be getting a Blu-Ray re-release from The Criterion Collection. Looks like the extras will be identical to the terrific DVD release. You can check out the still great, albeit admittedly familiar, artwork by Eric Chase Anderson below. The Blu-Ray will be available in the US on 8/14.

Criterion Designer Sam Smith’s Wes Anderson Poster Designs

The great designer (and drummer) Sam Smith has created a series of posters for The Castro Theater’s screenings of The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic for this Saturday. Check out the posters below. To find alternate versions of the posters, and info on where you can buy them, visit Mr. Smith’s tumblr.


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Friday News Round-Up 5/4/12


Friday News Round-Up 4/27/12

A little slow this week, but enjoy the lull while you can. Next week is May which is release month. This week’s round-up:

  • (Above) A great vector poster of Moonrise Kingdom’s Khaki Scouts by Society 6

  • For all his Titanic love, James Cameron seems to have a soft spot for the Belafonte
  • From ThinkProgress, The Preciousness of Moonrise Kingdom and Wes Anderson’s Approach to Privilege
  • A roundup of Anderson posters (and DVD art) on the Poster Collective
  • Have you always wanted to be a Tenenbaum? Well, now you can! Or at least be drawn into a family portrait.
  • Jason Schwartzman will attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner
  • A playlist for Sam and Suzy — I Will Meet You in the Meadow

The Royal Tenenbaums 10th Anniversary Screening at NYFF

The 49th Annual New York Film Festival will be taking place next month, and they’ve announced a ten-year anniversary screening of Wes’ masterpiece The Royal Tenenbaums. The screening will take place October 13th, and will be followed by a Q&A with Wes and cast members from the film. The film of course had its world premiere at the festival in 2001. More info about the festival and the screening can be found at their website.

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[the films of] Wes Anderson – Video

I’m not sure how we missed this, but YouTube user keesvdijkhuizen has been creating film compilations every month as part of a yearlong series, tackling contemporary auteurs like Sofia Coppola and David Fincher. The most recent of these compilations is for, naturally, the films of Wes Anderson.

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