Save Latin

Fantastic Mr. Fox petition

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask Fox and The Criterion Collection to release a Criterion edition of Fantastic Mr. Fox. All of Wes Anderson’s other films have received the Criterion treatment. FMF, the most recent film of this contemporary auteur, deserves the same.


Please sign your name and any relevant comments. The comment box is at the bottom of the page.

152 thoughts on “Save Latin

  1. Come on Criterion, you know you want to.
    And to Fox, do you know how many people would double dip for the Criterion version?
    A lot.

  2. i love this movie. i has become my childhood and it deserves to be lined up along films like Harold and Maude, Spinal Tap and The 39 Steps. if you have any respect for the art of film, you should prove it. Put this movie in your collection.

  3. I respectfully request that Wes Anderson’s gorgeous ode to children’s literature, “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” be added to the wonderful films within the Criterion Collection.

    Thank you!

    Gideon Goldwyn

  4. I second Justin,
    publication of this critical contribution to the art of film fully aligns with Criterion’s mission.

  5. Yes, go ahead, why not. And please have the same weird covers the other CC collection DVD’s have. Also please release The Life Aquatic on Blu Ray. Thank you.
    LJB Sorry I don’t speak Latin.

  6. I don’t know if someone has already mention this in a comment, but Wes Anderson has a really good relationship with the people at Criterion and has a deal with them that all his films will be released on The Criterion Collection; of course, a couple/few/handful of years after the film is originally released. That’s why all his films from Criterion are Director Approved!

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