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Two more Fantastic Mr. Fox FYC Ads

The first below (click to enlarge), the second after the jump.

Fantastic Mr. Fox For Your Consideration Ad

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Fantastic Mr. Fox Script

Fox Searchlight has put up the script for Fantastic Mr. Fox at their awards site. You can download the script here, and visit their awards site here.

Another Fantastic Mr. Fox For Your Consideration Ad

Another from AwardsDaily, this one naming possibly every person involved in the making of the film. I can’t say I’ve ever seen For Your Consideration ads that so fully celebrate the collaboration of everyone involved. Kinda cool. Click on the thumbnail below to view the ad full size.

Fantastic Mr. Fox For Your Consideration

This one appeared in the December 13th edition of Variety, and given this morning’s news, expect quite a few more before February.

A Third Fantastic Mr. Fox For Your Consideration Ad

A slight variant on the design of the last one, but this one is our favorite, with a numerical breakdown of all the time spent and people inolved in making the movie. It seems like a real tribute to the crew who worked for so long to make the movie. Click on the image below for a larger version and be sure to read the entire quote from Wes.

Fantastic Mr. Fox For Your Consideration Ad

Again, this came from AwardsDaily and appeared in the December 5th issue of Variety.

Second Fantastic Mr. Fox FYC Ad

Fox has put out another “For Your Consideration” ad, this one targeting the Golden Globes. Check out the previous ad here, and see AwardsDaily‘s full “For Your Consideration” gallery here. Click on the picture below to view the ad full size.

Fantastic Mr. Fox