TDL in Film Comment, the New Yorker; and, FREE SCREENINGS

From The New Yorker:

New Yorker illustration by Zohar Lazar

(credit: Zohar Lazar, The New Yorker)

The October issue of Film Comment features the gang from TDL:

The finest iteration of the Anderson oeuvre to date. . .

Wilson brings back the corn-fed, spaced-out enthusiasm of his career-making character Dignan in the Anderson debut Bottle Rocket, recasting the caper-seeking outlaw as an adult shattered by near-death experience but still perilously full of gung-ho.

You can fake them [epiphanies] in films with swelling Bowie songs and tight emotive headshots, but it leaves a bad taste when the characters haven’t earned it. Such was the effect of the oddly lifeless Life Aquatic, Anderson’s last and worst film, which seemed built solely around Bill Murray’s prodigious charm. But the characters in Darjeeling earn their shot at redemption – partly through three excellent lead performances, partly by metanarrative devices that reveal the reality behind works of fiction. (Chris Norris)

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(thanks to Chris for some of the leads)

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