Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Happy Holidays. Halloween, that is. So, after many false starts and delays, we have winners. These three lucky entrants will receive a Darjeeling Limited prize package thanks to our friends at Fox Searchlight Pictures. I will be in touch with the winners soon, and the prizes will be mailed out early in 2008.

Best Costume, Darjeeling Limited Category


There were many great Darjeeling costumes, but we liked these — because they’re a bit unconventional. After all, they’re dressed as luggage… Louis Vuitton luggage. Very cool.

Best Costume, Non-Darjeeling


We really like this one. The Max Fischer vibe, with a twist. Bravo, Max.

Second Best Costume, Non-Darjeeling


Richie and Margot — a popular costume in our contest. But, this one… it has a bit more spark and vitality than we expected. Even if Margot is adopted.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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