Bad news for Cahiers du cinéma

Potentially bad news about the great film journal Cahiers du cinéma, a founding institution of the French Nouvelle Vague. From

News from Paris: the website “Les Cahiers aux Cahiers” is reporting that the venerable magazine is on the point of being sold to the UK based publisher Phaidon. Known primarily for its lush art books, Phaidon has promised, according to a press release from present owners, the Le Monde group, posted on the Cahiers aux Cahiers site, to support “the continuance and development of ‘Les Cahiers du cinema.’” But there seems to be anxiety on all sides, from both the dissident editors behind the “Cahiers aux Cahiers” site and the group “Les Amis des Cahiers,” whose directors are the current publisher, Claudine Paquot, and Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Thierry Jousse, Bernard Latarjet, Michel Piccoli, and Serge Toubiana. Meetings have been called for this weekend. A suivre . . . .


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