The real Eagle’s Island

The New York Times recently ran a piece on City Island in the Bronx, the real Eagle’s Island.

Along with a handful of historic houses, including the stately Queen Anne where the movies “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” were filmed, City Island, just 1.5 miles long, manages to cram in two parks, a ball field, three churches, a synagogue, two schools, a cemetery, a museum, a French bed-and-breakfast and 33 restaurants.


The island is popular among film and TV producers (most recently “Law and Order” and “Life on Mars”). The landmark Queen Anne at 21 Tier Street was used in “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Long Day’s Journey Into Night.”


A whale decorates the weathervane on the peak of the Queen Anne house at 21 Tier Street.

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  1. Ha!  I visited the house from Tenenbaums in Harlem which was uber geeky.  But I also spent a day with a friend on City Island without ever making the connection. It’s a great little place to get away – you’d never believe Manhattan was so close.  Has a very sleepy seaside town feel: old ice cream shops and seafood places galore.

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