“Rushmore” at the Dayton (OH) Dirt Collective

Our pals at the Dayton Dirt Collective are hosting part 2 of their Wes Anderson Film Festival this Sunday, April 19 at 6:00 p.m. Eastern.

The show is free. Please bring a soft drink (and one to share!) and something to sit on! Popcorn will be provided. The DDC hopes to provide live music. Dress as your favorite Rushmore character (If someone takes pictures, I will post them here! I expect to see a Dart Boy!).

DDC is located at 144 East Third Street, Dayton, Ohio (Google Map).


7 Replies to ““Rushmore” at the Dayton (OH) Dirt Collective”

  1. Thanks for the post Edward!
    Please…everyone who can make the drive please come! The more the merrier! 
    We will be doing one movie a month till we reach the end of the Anderson library, then we’ll start all over again! 

  2. Whee! Living in Dayton finally pays off! Rushmore is like the best movie ever. Finally something to do other than boring field trips to the air force museum. What exactly does live music mean? Also when was the last movie played and what was it?

  3. I couldn’t get a ride. Or a date :P. This is why it bites being an 18 yearold bum that can’t drive with friends that are all the same.

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