Imagining Wes soundtracks: The Cloud Photographers

Coming up with Wes Anderson mix tapes, imagining soundtracks for films that only exist in Wes’ (and our) dreams, is a favorite hobby of ours. We came upon a really fantastic one recently:

1. Cumulus
2. Donovan – Hi It’s Been a Long Time
3. Andrew’s Waltz
4. The Kinks – So Long
5. Les Boréades – Piggies
6. Paul Simon – The Obvious Child
7. Artur Rubenstein – Rhapsody On A Theme of Paganini – Var. #7
8. Belle and Sebastian – Fox in the Snow
9. With a Chance of Rain
10. Mike Berry and The Outlaws – Don’t You Think it’s Time
11. Hindi Beatles medley
12. The London Double Bass Sound – Moses Fantasy (paganini)
13. Ion Laceanu – Briu
14. The Rolling Stones – Mother’s Little Helper
15. The Flight of the Bumblebee* (Sinfonia Lahti Cello and Bass Ensemble) (Rimsky-Korsakov)
16. The Zombies – Beechwood Park
17. John Cale – Paris 1919
18. The Who – Can’t Explain
19. English Chamber Orchestra – Water Music Suite No. 2 in D
20. Sparks – Whipping and Apologies
21. Itzhak Perlman – Caprice #2 in B Minor by Paganini
22. The Damned – Jet Boy Jet Girl
23. The String Quartet – Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground)
24. Sigur Ros – Olsen Olsen


Dream up your own Wes soundtrack? Send it to us at edwardappleby(at)yankeeracers(dot)org, and we might feature it in a follow-up post.

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