Dave Poland Video Interviews with Wes & Bill, Schwartzman

Bill & Wes

Bill on working with Wes: “It’s an adventure.”

Jason Schwartzman

On Fantastic Mr. Fox’s style: “You could have taken the script and changed a couple things and had actors in it.”

Interviews by Dave Poland from Movie City News’ The Hot Blog

3 Replies to “Dave Poland Video Interviews with Wes & Bill, Schwartzman”

  1. Isn’t it about time Anderson made a film set in Paris? How’s about ‘My Best Friend’, starring Bill Murray as the curmudgeonly antiques dealer?

    Any takers?

  2. Well… The ‘My Best Friend’ thing could be a “bromance” 🙂

    I’ve also thought it would be swell to see Wes Anderson’s take on an “apartment” movie. Set it in Paris, why not? He’s not shy about his love for Rosemary’s Baby, after all. It could be something like that, only without, you know, the witches.

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