Fantastic Mr. Fox U.S. Premiere Twitter Reactions (On-going)

Fantastic Mr. Fox had its North American premiere tonight at AFI Fest. Below are some instant reactions via Twitter. If you saw the film, tweet us your thoughts @RushmoreAcademy.

@JasonReitman: Fantastic Mr. Fox was everything I want in a Wes Anderson movie. Couldn’t be more charming if it tried.

@EvylenYves: Got to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox @ AFI fest & saw Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman & Bill Murray. Hollywood, I’m declaring my love for you.

@LadyJE: Just saw The Fantastic Mr Fox at @AFIFest. What the cuss, a future classic!

@Tedulous: Fantastic Mr. Fox was incredible. UP has some definite competition for Best Animated Picture now.

@helencarolinev: no matter what kind of mood you’re in, fantastic mr. fox will make it better

@iverdawg: Back from Fantastic Mr. Fox. Amazing stuff that Anderson and his crew created with this one. Go see it.

@LivingInCinema: FANTASTIC MR. FOX is cussing great!

@twotrey23: sure as cuss enjoyed FANTASTIC MR. FOX a second time.

@amandadecadenet: The fantastic mr fox rocks!!

@jazzt: it was amazing, fanatastic, fabulous. loved it sooooooo much.

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