6 Replies to “Fantastic Mr. Fox Opens Today!”

  1. Fantastic film! I saw it with an entire audience who had absolutely no idea who Wes was.
    Bottle Rocket .. nope, Rushmore … nope,
    They were there to just see “another kid movie”.

    A heard a lot of laughs from both kids and adults.
    It was neat to hear kids trying to read the words on the screen as is typical in a Wes film.

    Charming movie, one to see over and over.

    The thing I kept thinking was, why does Wes always have a father/son “issue” in all his films.
    And I mean ALL his films. I’m fine with that.
    Especially since I have my own issues with my father, but I find that them is even in Fantastic Mr. Fox.

    Anywho, great film! Thanks for all your work on this site.

    Long time visitor, first time commenting.

  2. Saw it this evening and was thoroughly delighted. Two minutes in, during the initial wide shot of Mr. Fox stretching and jogging around, a small child in the audience exclaimed, “He’s funny!”

    I think we have a successful film on our hands.

  3. Saw it yesterday, hoping it would be an empty theatre as is usually wear i go but it was well packed with kids and obvious Wes fans. Kids laughed, adults laughed. I was very happy with it.

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