M. Fantastique Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Allocine has announced two of the actors who will be voicing Fantastic Mr. Fox in la version française, and they’re on par with their American counterparts. Mathieu Amalric (Quantam of SolaceThe Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Arnuad Desplechin‘s A Chrismas Tale) will be providing the dub for Mr. Fox, and Isballe Huppert (8 Women, The Piano Teacher, I Heart Huckabees) will be voicing Mrs. Fox. If I read correctly, the film comes out in February in France. No other cast for the dub has been announced, but as The Playlist speculates, Wes is likely involved in this version of the film and its casting. If more interesting names pop up we’ll be sure to let you know.

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  1. I don’t mean to pry… but is there any way you could provide a larger version of the picture above for a wallpaper?

  2. It’s just a still from the second trailer. The cap I made was only on the lower res side, but if you go through the 1080 trailer at apple I’m sure you could make a wallpaper of it.

  3. This makes me very happy as that i am living in France until july of 2010 for an internship. I can’t stand bad dubs here. It was a sad day when I realized b/c this movie is also for kids that it would be dubbed rather than subtitled. But this makes me less sad. I will still def need to see the english language version. Do you know if they will record the french audio similarly on location like the english dialog or in studios (probably a dumb question, but a guy can hope).

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