4 Replies to “Second Fantastic Mr. Fox FYC Ad”

  1. Any idea what this will be published in? It’s a gorgeous ad–I’d love to have a hard copy.

    I was crestfallen to see the box office this morning. My reaction resembled Gonzo the Great’s–“What do you people know about great art?!”

  2. AwardsDaily says it’s in Variety.

    You know I kinda expected, even with all the promotion and the seeming wide appeal that it’d perform pretty much like a Wes movie, which it is. On the bright side, I feel like word of mouth is great. Every time I’ve seen it, people have sung its praises as they’ve left. It definitely plays better with people familiar with Wes’ work though.

  3. Agreed. This film is a triumph over any other film this year. This ad is spectaculiar. I wish that everyone desire(d/s) to see it. Otherwise it would be a shame.

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