Fantastic Mr. Fox in France

As a follow-up to our earlier post about the French dub of Fantastic Mr. Fox, below is the trailer for the film. Nearly identical, the only changes apparent to me are a music cue in the middle and the fact that they only list two names for the dub. It’s funny that they seemed to have done some dubbing especially for the trailer as Amalric still says the “Shall we dance?” line, a recurring thing that Wes ended up cutting from the movie entirely after test screenings. After the jump is the poster (identical to the UK version) that curiously lists George Clooney’s name.

Fantastic Mr. Fox French Poster

Given that they’re promoting George Clooney’s involvement instead of his French counterpart Mathieu Amalric, and that at the same site the trailer and poster are from they have an English language trailer subtitled in French, I wonder if perhaps they’re releasing two versions of the film in France. Perhaps a French language one intended for children and a subtitled one intended for adults. That’s the sense, anyway.

You can also visit the official website for the French version, an identical copy of the U.S. website.

If you see the French version when it comes out in February or come across any press for that release, please let us know and we’ll feature it.

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