Wes Accepts NBR Special Achievement Award…In Stop-Motion (video)

Here’s Wes’ acceptance speech as Weasel from Fantastic Mr. Fox at the recent National Board of Review awards ceremony. It is awesome.

After you watch the high quality version above, you can watch a video from the event embedded after the jump to see how it played in the room.

4 Replies to “Wes Accepts NBR Special Achievement Award…In Stop-Motion (video)”

  1. SOOO coool…I’m surprised more people haven’t commented on this one…I love how Wes & the Animators went the extra mile (not to mention NBR for using this acceptance speech), and how the fluid & natural is converted to the stop-motion…kudos to you guys. I hope you win an Oscar this year!

  2. any chance you could point me toward a link to download the animated acceptance speech? I found it to view in loads of places, but not to download.

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