Expanded Fantastic Mr. Fox Score Now Available

The Playlist blog has uncovered (via Film Music Reporter) a new release of Alexandre Desplat’s Academy Award nominated score from Fantastic Mr. Fox. The collection features unused music from Desplat’s score, recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios. You may remember that a a similar, albeit unofficial release was done of Mark Mothersbaugh’s music for The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic was done during the awards campaign, and that there was an official release of the Seu Jorge sessions done for the latter film aswell.

You can see a full tracklisting, along with links to purchase the collection, after the break.

1. Moving In
2. Mr. Fox In The Fields Medley
3. Trains
4. Side Car Escape
5. Shoot Out
6. Kristofferson
7. Plan B
8. Trains 2
9. Looking For Cider
10. Death Of Rat
11. Whack-Bat Majorette Ensemble
12. Canis Lupis
13. Trains 3
14. Rat Fight
15. Dig!
16. Mr. Fox’s Promenade
17. Three Farmers
18. Kristofferson 2
19. Boggis Bunce And Bean (Reprise)
20. Trains 4
21. Mr. and Mrs. Fox
22. Canis Lupus 2
23. Finale
24. Choir Boys Farewell (To The Puppets)




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