Wes Anderson’s Undergraduate Short Story Unearthed

Analecta, the official literary journal of the University of Texas at Austin (Go, Longhorns?) has recently re-publicized a short story published in their 1989 edition by an undergraduate named Wes Anderson.

They explain…

While organizing the shelves in our little office the other day, I got distracted by a retro-looking magazine with “Analecta XV” printed on the spine. Analecta 15 was published in 1989 (the year I was born!). When I cracked it open to the table of contents, I realized I had stumbled on the stuff of college literary journal lore – the first name on the page was Wes Anderson.

You can read Wes’ short story The Ballad of Reading Milton, that he wrote when he was 20 that I’m sure he wouldn’t be embarrassed by and that I don’t at all feel weird about posting, after the jump.

Update 10/20/10 – New York Daily News caught up with Wes at the House of Waris, where he said he was unaware it had been republished and found it  “very disturbing.” It’s kinda everywhere now so we’ll keep it up so long as Analecta does. Suffice it to say I think we should all read this with same respect we’d read a classmates work…that we stole from their backpack. Read their full piece here. Thanks to commenter kennyramone for the tip.

Second update – Oh, my. Looks like The New York Times was getting in on the early works thing last week as well. They’ve posted another two works by Wes and a short story from Owen Wilson, both from Analecta. You can read Wes’ story Let here, his story Charles Falling here, and Wilson’s story Fat Money Summer here. Reproduced without permission from anyone and with even weirder feelings.

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Thanks to Yankee Racer Jitterbug for bringing this to our attention, by way of The Huffington Post.

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