Wes Chats Noir, Gets an Art Show, and Waris Installs

What is this beguiling painting?

Three new stories, after the jump.

Wes sat down with former film critic and current film preservationist Kent Jones via Skype to talk about the 1947 noir melodrama They Made Me a Fugitive. LA Weekly has the full chat here, an excerpt of which is below.

“It’s very good, and very hard,” Anderson continued. “The violence of the language is much more blunt than you’d ever expect of a movie from 1947. What’s that sound?”

“New York police sirens,” answered Jones abstractedly, as the whining from Broadway peaked and gradually died away. “Maybe we should clearly state that you’re in Paris and I’m in New York …”

“… and that we’re talking about a British film showing in Los Angeles.”

They Made Me a Fugitive screens tomorrow night, October 8, 2010 at 9:10pm at the LACMA in Los Angeles. More information at their website.

The gallery and publishing house Spoke is doing something cool for their next show, a series inspired by the family dynamics in Wes’ films, with a focus on the fathers.  The show will open on October 30th in San Francisco, though you can see a preview of some of the work (someone of which is above and below) by visiting their blog here. Thanks to reader Eric S., among others, for the tip.

And finally, frequent Wes collaborator Waris Ahluwalia is putting on a “retail instillation”  in New York from October 7-17. Criterion explains:

From October 7 to 17, New Yorkers can visit a new “retail installation” under the High Line in Chelsea, from actor, artist, jewelry designer, and philanthropist Waris Ahluwalia (who appears in The Darjeeling Limited, as the chief steward). As part of an architecture and fashion collaboration titled Building Fashion, from nonprofit arts and culture organization Boffo, Waris will present a pop-up installation called the House of Waris Tea Room, where he’ll sell not only items from his House of Waris line but also beauty and food products from around the world—including Waris’s selection of the greatest love stories from the Criterion catalog and limited edition signed prints of Eric Anderson’s artwork from our release of The Darjeeling Limited. More info about Waris’s project here.

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  1. I went to the House of Waris yesterday and bought some absolutely FANTASTIC teas from him! First Flush Darjeeling & some Masala Spiced Chai — mmm..

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