Interview with Mark Mothersbaugh

Wes Anderson favorite Mark Mothersbaugh recently sat down for an interview with Splitsider to talk about his time spent on Rugrats, his musical inspirations, and his song-writing process.

He also touched on the process of working with Wes:

“It was interesting,” Mothersbaugh continued. “Rarely are you involved that early in a project unless it’s a stage show, like a musical or something.”

The only other director that took this approach with Mothersbaugh, according to the composer, was Wes Anderson. “He sat in the studio with me and would be writing the script. And he’d say, ‘You know, I’m thinking about putting a composer on the boat with everybody. What kind of equipment would he be using? What kind of keyboards and recording equipment would he be using?’”

Noting that such a multi-disciplinary and collaborative way of working has only happened to him “a few times,” Mothersbaugh confessed that normally “you’re almost an after-thought on a lot of films. It’s the nature of the beast.”

Read the rest of the interview over on Splitsider.

(Photo of Mark and Wes after The Life Aquatic screening with BMI executives from here.)

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