Brief: Jude Law Confirmed for The Grand Budapest Hotel

MTV’s Josh Horowitz interviewed Law at TIFF, where he’s promoting his new film Anna Karenina, and Law confirmed that he is indeed involved in Wes’ next film The Grand Budapest Hotel, and gives some indication that the floated cast list is likely accurate.


Just a quick note: we hope to return to updating the site more regularly, a perfect storm of personal stuff keeping our writers busy and a stunning lack of news has left the site a bit barren. Never fear, we’ll be up and running again soon.

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  1. To the editor(s):
    Regarding the quick note above, “a slow news day- make some news!”
    I believe Wes Anderson to be an atypical cult leader. I would bet he would encourage his followers to help mix up the “kool aid.”
    From a few quick googles, I’ve found this site to be the authority on all things Anderson. I’m not sure how much attention Wes Anderson gives to the Rushmore Academy, but we do know that “Papa Steve” acknowledges fan mail.
    What I’m stabbing at is this- why not sponsor fan contributions to this upcoming film. Use this platform to allow members of Team Zissou… I mean the Rushmore Academy to submit artwork, song ideas, even video auditions, whatever might make the stone soup tastier- in hopes our beloved film maker may use even a piece of one of the submissions?
    As I mentioned, I’m not sure how much attention Wes Anderson / his conglomerate gives to this site. He may not mind out business because we won’t be minding his, as the old tune goes. But!!! What harm could it do?
    For example: I may suggest that Egmont Overture from Beethoven is one of my favorite classical pieces, that it was written for a politically motivated Goethe play, and that it was the unofficial anthem for the Hungarian Revolution of 56. Maybe Wes would put it in there since the classical stuff kinda worked in the last movie. Maybe it would motivate Wes to film a documentary on the “Arab Spring.” Maybe it would remind Wes of a song by the Kinks that he would put in the movie. Maybe Wes would never read it. But maybe one person reading this post would be motivated to YouTube Egmont Overture by Beethoven and their life would be subsequently enriched. What could it hurt??

    Kinda like when my Uncle sold raffle tickets to kids at his school to win a watch. My grandparents made him stop selling them after he acquired $100. He bought the watch from the winner for $20 and raffled it again… Kinda like, not really, I guess.

    Thanks in advance for sponsoring this first ever “Campaign to Collaborate” or “Collaboration Club”

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