Moonrise Kingdom Oscar Considerations. And KanyeWesAnderson

Oscar season is coming, when December movies will be dumped on us to make the breaking point for an Academy Award consideration. But let’s take a step back and not forget our friend Wes Anderson and his critically acclaimed film Moonrise Kingdom. Slant Magazine has written a terrific article detailing the possible nominations MK might obtain. Read more about it here. Oscar Prospects: Moonrise KingdomSlant Magazine hosts a weekly analysis of possible awards contenders and predictions for Oscar nominations.

We’ve stumbled upon a clever tumblr account called KanyeWes. Pretty much your average Kanye West lyrics overlaid onto Wes Anderson stills. Here are some of our favorites so far.



Art by: “We Are Legion” by Aaron Jasinski

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  1. What’s the award for set design and musical score? Wes deserves that. I’d give him the Academy for photography or cinematography or whatever too. Anyway, I’m just in it for the art..

    1. Best Art Direction and Best Original Music Score. Glad you’re in it for the art. Don’t forget to appreciate the people who make Wes Anderson movies possible.

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