Matt Zoller Seitz’s WES ANDERSON Collection out Fall 2013

We’re happy to announce Matt Zoller Seitz’s (freelance critic, and author of one the earliest and best profiles of Wes, and this incredible series of video essays from earlier this year) The WES ANDERSON Collection is available for pre-order at “It’s a book length interview of Wes Anderson, by me, with critical essays by me, and an intro by Michael Chabon, plus art, pix.,” says Matt on his twitter. The Amazon proudct page is a little weak on the details and even incorrect according to Matt, but he explains more information will be available once they nail down the issues.

The book is set to be released in August 2013. No details on digital copies, but why would you not want a hard cover?

If you haven’t heard or read some of Matt’s critical works, we encourage you to watch his video series called the Substance of Style available for free on Moving Image Source.


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