Check into the Grand Budapest and win

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Tweet @rushmoreacademy or comment on this post with the pseudonym that you would use to check-in to the Grand Budapest Hotel. One winner (U.S. residents only), the most ingenious pseudonym as determined by the Rushmore Academy editors, will receive a Grand Budapest Hotel prize pack courtesy of ABKCO Music and Fox Searchlight:

  • Copy of the soundtrack signed by Wes Anderson
  • Mini film poster
  • Monthly tear-away calendar
  • Society of the Crossed-keys pin
  • Journal
  • The Wes Anderson Collection book

Be sure to tag the #grandbudapesthotel, @ABKCO, @foxsearchlight in your tweets! Buy ABKCO’s Grand Budapest Hotel soundtrack hereDeadline for submissions is Friday, 4 April 2014 at 11:59 pm U.S. Eastern time. Contributors to are not eligible for this prize.

133 Replies to “Check into the Grand Budapest and win”

  1. Ah, Hello, yes… I have reservations under the name Madame Anastasia Marie Corona. Yes, that’s me. Can you bring my bags up? No, I’ll carry my chinchilla myself, thank you. Can you have a bottle of your finest wine and a box of Mendl’s courtesans au chocolate delivered to my room? Me and a certain someone are celebrating… *winks at Gustave*

  2. Sue Denym.

    Nobody will see it coming. Who would ever think that somebody would have ever named their son “Sue”?

  3. I will be checking into the Grand Budapest Hotel under the name Dr. Rotcod Gjetost. Because “Rotcod” is doctor backwards. And “Gjetost” is a type of cheese.

  4. Good-day,

    Rost Rum Anamorphicinzsy here to check in to the Grand Budapest Hotel, but friends just call me Yelsew Selaw, if you’d prefer. A fair warning, I can see into the futura, and it’s looking quite bold.


    P.S. I’ve heard the lobby girls at this establishment are quite charming–hope you don’t mind if I do a double-take at first glance.

  5. Bonjour! My name is Carelton Lécuyer-D’Armitz. I’m here to check in with my personal assistant, Garçon… His name isn’t all that important, well anyway, a room for two! Particularly one facing west, with a good view of the sunset. I don’t have much luggage so Garçon will be carrying them. Do you accept checks?

  6. Lady Scarlett Van Dormenshire, here to check-in! I believe I have the Master Chambers Suite, and don’t try to tell me otherwise! Check me in and take my luggage up, thank you!

  7. Missus Majarine Kisck, a young collector and traveling saleswoman of vintage dairy production paraphernalia. She is tragically lactose intolerant (or perhaps just a hypochondriac), but still takes her tea with milk.

  8. I’m here to check in to the Grand Budapest Hotel.
    I’m from Budapest, therefore I would use my own name: Kis Virág, which actually means little flower.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. The reservations are being held under the names of:

    Mr. Nero Genus Canis and his confidential assistant Archie Badlaus.

  10. Bonjour, my name is Mme. Heidemarie van Babineaux, and i have the distinct pleasure of checking in to the Grand Budapest Hotel with my apprentice and lover, Karlheinz.

  11. To whom it may concern,

    I will be checking in as Weismul Wagner Aufram III, a resident born in the once independent republic of Zubrowka, though many refer to me simply as W.A.

  12. I would check into the Grand Budapest as Agatha because I’d love to master in making Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat and be adventurous!!

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