Check into the Grand Budapest and win

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Tweet @rushmoreacademy or comment on this post with the pseudonym that you would use to check-in to the Grand Budapest Hotel. One winner (U.S. residents only), the most ingenious pseudonym as determined by the Rushmore Academy editors, will receive a Grand Budapest Hotel prize pack courtesy of ABKCO Music and Fox Searchlight:

  • Copy of the soundtrack signed by Wes Anderson
  • Mini film poster
  • Monthly tear-away calendar
  • Society of the Crossed-keys pin
  • Journal
  • The Wes Anderson Collection book

Be sure to tag the #grandbudapesthotel, @ABKCO, @foxsearchlight in your tweets! Buy ABKCO’s Grand Budapest Hotel soundtrack hereDeadline for submissions is Friday, 4 April 2014 at 11:59 pm U.S. Eastern time. Contributors to are not eligible for this prize.

133 Replies to “Check into the Grand Budapest and win”

    1. I am checking in for the top suite under Leroy Lenord Brutus Dindidarsky Otts Lutz III

  1. The Honorable Miffy Netherthorpe Antheil-Craggemore of Peebles will be taking the Kolbász suite with companion Prioress Etelka Hortobagy. And dogs.
    What? The Abbey is aware and sees no impropriety.
    Also, she sees to the dogs. Ear and beard grooming, coordinating nail varnish, and so on.

  2. I would like to check in as Jenkins T. Calloway of the Bishwheat Isles; Estranged Son of the recently deceased Sir Earl Bishwheat. I expect royal accommodations and nightly avocado rubs.

    Royal regard,

  3. I sent it on Twitter as well, but I would check into the Grand Budapest under Oliver Hart (all of her heart)

  4. I’d like to check in… my name..?

    Um… Willheim Stangaslong A. Siwant.

    I’d prefer a suite, if you don’t mind.

  5. You will find me at the Grand Budapest Hotel checked in under the name Maxwell François DeWitt. It is an honor to once again find myself at this distinguished institution, which in my family is regarded as the Crown Jewel of Zubrowka.

  6. Johanna Van Hoytl den Yngste, world renowned artist, and the great-great-great-granddaughter of Johannes Van Hoytl, painter of Boy with Apple, and having recently won praises herself for Girl with Pear, will be checking into the Grand Budapest Hotel.

  7. Dear M. Gustave, chéri,

    I would like to check in to the wonderful establishment that is the Grand Budapest Hotel once again.

    I require you to be at my service at any time. In addition to that, I request a butler who takes care of my vast collection of elaborate wigs and my five greyhounds. A box of Zubrowskan cigars has to be at my disposal in every room.
    Also, my private parfumeur is travelling with me, he will bring his own tent of yellow color. He will stay in the woods in order to elaborate on a new scent that will remind you of me, dearest Gustave.

    I will wear my blonde wig for you, chéri.

    Avec des meilleures salutations, bisous,

    Dame Claudette Pompadour de Zigzag

  8. I believe I have a reservation. Name Sir?
    Edward Tomball…at your service.
    Ah yes…we have been expecting you.

  9. If I wasn’t eaten by a jaguar shark back in 2004 I’d be checking in under my real name, Esteban du Plantier. I love Wes Anderson films!

  10. I will check in as Yoshimitsu Žerotín, illegitimate son of Philippa Freiherr von Žerotín, the daughter of a Moravian baron driven her from home after an incident with the gardener, and Toshimitsu Nakayama, Japanese ambassador to Czechoslovakia, with whom his mother had a brief but passionate affair.

  11. I would probably like to check myself under the last name Mendl, to add to the mystery behind the famous pastry business, and work on another add on to the original story of the Grand Budapest Hotel, and talk about how M. Gustave was fascinated with my Courtesan Au Chocolats.

  12. I would very much like to check into the Grand Budapest Hotel under the name of Iliad Savannah Huxley.

  13. “Good Day Chaps, I will be checking in under Sir Baltazar Humperdinck, Ta!”

    I too replied on twitter already, what a fantastic movie, Wes Anderson nailed it again! Did anyone catch how M. Gustave refers to everyone as “Darling”? fn brilliant!!!

  14. My pseudonym would be H. Marjiano Penzavalli, checking in from Livorno, Italy. Please send a bundle of green grapes on ice with no more than seven on each stem up to my quarters.

  15. I would like to enlist myself into the presence of those accommodating the Grand Budapest Hotel under the name of Sir S. Endoawners.

    (check those letters; they may ring a bell)

  16. Checking in as Herr Johann Von Trousertighten with fiancee Claudia. Requesting adjoining rooms with close friends Christoph and Elsa Spreckels.

  17. Good day Sir!
    I will be checking in as Augustus Boulle Manchester and will require an exquisite evening of dining with my fellow gents of the Cambridge Fencing Team.

  18. I would be an American ex-soldier, drunkard named Sgt Fulton Bishop. I’d expect only the best service, the finest drinks, and most refined women. I’d always be armed, but not obviously be in possession of a weapon. I’ve killed seventeen men and one combat trained carrier pigeon, six of which with my own hands (except for the pigeon which was killed with a shoe as it flew). Mastery of Judo, and a weakness for philosophy can only be rivaled by my interest making cranes out of candy wrappers.

  19. I’d check in under Mademoiselle Margot Maximo – or “Mad Max” for short. As homage to my two favorite Wes Anderson films, Rushmore (Max…who’s a bit mad) and The Royal Tenenbaums (Margot, my favorite character) – since I’d already be checking in to my newest favorite. Plus it just sounds ridiculously swanky.

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