Awards season is just starting

In case you didn’t know, The Grand Budapest Hotel has became one of the favorite movies of 2014. Not only it has been a success at the box office but it also got tons of good reviews and now, we are in December and everyone is making their balances, the movie appears in several lists of the best movies of the year. Even it is the #1 movie for Time Magazine.

But being at this time the year it also means that the Awards season is just starting. We know that the Oscars doesn’t happen till late February and we don’t know yet which nominations it is going to have, but we can’t expect less than the best for it.

Let me keep you updated with some of them with this graphics made by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Best Screenplay

SAG Awards

With this cast, with such names in the movie, it would be more than fair that The Grand Budapest wins his only cathegory at the SAG Awards. But we can’t tell, because we know that Birdman and Boyhood seem to be the two more important contenders in every award.


Golden Globes

The Golden Globes nominations made me really happy for two main reasons. One, because Wes Anderson is nominated as director, and it could give him nice chances at the Oscars. But also because Ralph Fiennes is nominated as a comedy actor, which I find really nice not only because he gave an amazing performance but also because  he is not an actor that usually does comedy. He tried something different and he did it really good.


Stay tuned. I’ll try to keep you updated about all the buzz of the awards season, at least once in a while with the news about The Grand Budapest Hotel.

We don’t need it to win to know how good it is, but still… good luck.

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