Want to work on Isle of Dogs? Here’s your chance!

Not only can you get a role in Isle of Dogs, the production company behind the next big Anderson film is also looking to fill a wide variety of positions, so if you’re a UK based artist with stop motion experience, this might be your chance. We’ve heard rumours of speeches by Wes himself every morning!

OD Productions, based in East London, is currently shooting a very exciting Stop Motion Feature Film and we are looking to fill a variety of roles in our Puppets Department.

If you have the skills below, please get in touch!
– Miniature Sculptors
– Ideally have stop motion experience
– Talent in miniatures and duplication essential
– Ability to do realistic portrait skills
– Prop Makers
– Ability to make/work with miniature props
– Ability to work to a high level of detail
– Computer literacy in Photoshop and Illustrator essential
– Ability to operate machinery i.e. lathe
– Painters



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  1. Okay this is going to sound weird, but I’m actually really talented at barking and howling like a dog because I grew up with one so I used to practice a lot as a kid. I’m a 17 year old American girl, from Los Angeles. Is there any way to get into contact with Wes to send recordings of what I can do? I feel like this is the perfect role for me. Please let me know!
    Chantal Serrano

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