Loki + Owen Wilson + Wes Anderson?

The latest from the MCU drops on Disney+ today and co-stars Wes’ former UT classmate and frequent collaborator Owen Wilson. According to the Irish Times:

“Marvel’s WandaVision channelled David Lynch, and there were moments when the otherwise underwhelming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier threatened to turn into an unofficial sequel to Keanu Reeve’s John Wick. So it was probably inevitable that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would eventually get around to its David Fincher moment.

That, at least, is how Loki (Disney +) is framed by its director, Kate Herron, who describes the series, which airs its first episode on Wednesday, June 9th, as “heavily influenced” by Fincher. Given that Fincher’s most recent project was the dreadful Mank, this might not be quite the endorsement she thinks it is. Nor is it especially accurate – if Loki’s enjoyable if often slight opening episode resembles anything it’s Doctor Who remade by Wes Anderson.”

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