Schwartzman in “Bored To Death”


The trailer for a new HBO Series starring Jason Schwartzman premiered tonight.  Unfortunately we can’t embed the video, but if you go here, you can see the preview. Looks pretty damn good to me.

According to Variety

The pilot will center on a Brooklyn writer (Schwartzman) who nurses a painful breakup by acting out his dream to live as a character out of a Raymond Chandler novel. As a result, he finds a new lease on life by offering up his services as an inexperienced private eye.

In the preview alone, besides Schwartzman, are the great Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, Ted Danson, and Parker Posey. John Hodgman and Olivia Thirlby will also apparently have roles on the show as well. The series was created by author Jonathan Ames, who you can follow on Twitter. (Where you can also follow us.)

The series will premiere September 20th on HBO.


This is a short film that I made with a few friends that Edward Appleby has been kind enough to let me share with you here. Any comments or questions can be fielded at the Yankee Racers forum. Thanks. – Loraxaeon

Spielberg Approves, McDonald’s Sells ‘Fox?’, and A ‘Clever’ Rebuttal

Steven Speilberg and Wes Anderson

Came across this interview with Steven Spielberg at the website for Boston University (where Spielberg just received an honorary degree), where Spielberg mentions Wes and offers advice to young filmmakers. More from Spielberg and two more stories, after the jump.

Whose work excites you these days?
There are so many interesting filmmakers coming on the scene right now. I’m very excited by Wes Anderson. Did you see (Paul Thomas Anderson’s) There Will Be Blood? The Coen brothers — the same way that I wait for a Woody Allen film, I wait for a Coen brothers movie. I like filmmakers that have a very marked signature in their style and approach to storytelling and to visually mounting a movie.

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“Mr. Fox” Trailer in July?

"Mr. Fox" Trailer?

According to the Wikipedia entry for the film, the trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox will be attached to Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, which opens July 1st. There’s no citation in the entry for this information (it could merely be derived from this IMDb message board post), but it would make sense as both films are Fox releases and were produced by Blue Sky Studios.

Either way I wouldn’t be surprised if the trailer were released online before then. In the meantime, there’s this.

“Being Bill Murray” T-Shirt

The good people at /Film have posted another Bill Murray inspired piece of art, this time a t-shirt by artist Paul O’Sullivan called “Being Bill Murray.” This isn’t the first time Murray’s diverse career has inspired an artist.

The shirt includes three of the four characters Murray has played for Wes Anderson (from left to right): Raleigh St. Clair (The Royal Tenenbaums), Herman Blume (Rushmore), and Steve Zissou (The Life Aquatic with…). No spot for The Businessman from The Darjeeling Limited? What’s the deal? 😉

You can click the picture below to see a bigger version and order one for yourself. (That is, if you’re either a small or an x-large. All other sizes are unfortunately out of stock.)

Murray can currently be seen in his third film with director Jim Jarmusch The Limits of Control which is in limited release and will be expanding throughout the month.

Five Minutes with Kumar

A filmmaker named David Brown and Holiday Matinee have created a new documentary web series about Anderson favorite Kumar Pallana (Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited), aptly titled “Five Minutes with Kumar.”

Here’s the trailer for “Five Minutes With Kumar”, a web-series about my good friend Kumar Pallana. You might recognize him from Wes Anderson or Steven Spielberg films. But there’s a lot more to Kumar than Mr. Littlejeans and it’s become my mission to spread the gospel on my 88 year-old best friend

The trailer is embedded, and you can watch the first two episodes at the links below.
Episode 1
Episode 2