Bill Murray on Letterman: 7 June 2012

Bill Murray was on the Late Show with David Letterman last night. It was a great appearance, with some really kind words shared about Wes Anderson. There’s also a rare test of Bill Murray’s new hologram technology. US readers can watch the full segment here, about 13 minutes in, right after the second dot.

Tribute Posters Out of Toronto

Toronto-based artist & designer Ibraheem Youssef has created some gorgeous, clever movie poster redesigns for Wes Anderson films, as well Tarantino films. Youssef produces concise illustrations that fall somewhere between elegant and raw.


The first wave of these redesigns has earned a lot of attention around the internet. We here at Rushmore Academy have also taken note, and an exclusive Rushmore//Youssef surprise is in the works. It’s a cliffhanger, so keep checking back for more details.

In the meantime, you can purchase the released-as-yet posters in 2 sizes at Ibraheem Youssef’s shop.

Spinner Interviews Anderson & Poster

Spinner interviewed Wes Anderson & longtime music supervisor Randall Poster about Fantastic Mr. Fox‘s soundtrack.

Full article after the jump, but check Spinner for a great promo video featuring Bobby Fuller Four’s “Let Her Dance.”

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Spinner’s Top 10 WA Music Moments

Spinner listed its top 10 music-infused scenes from Wes Anderson movies. They pointed out that the Rolling Stones are the band Wes has used most frequently; many associate the Kinks with Wes’s movies more than any other band, but thanks to Spinner we now know the actual answer!

rolling_stones2_19681968 photo of the Rolling Stones by Phillip Townsend

You can see the top 10 list after the jump, but check out the great scene descriptions (& many of the scenes themselves) over at Spinner!

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Pentagram Partner Designs ‘Making of FMF’ Book


Prestigious design firm Pentagram has put together the art book, The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox, which will cover the extensive detail and development of Wes’s first animated film. Pentagram partner Agnus Hyland headed up the design team who worked on the book.

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Spencer Krug on Wes Anderson

Spencer Krug wants to hear from Wes Anderson, and I would love to hear from either of them. Sunset Rubdown‘s lead man, Spencer Krug, mentioned Wes in a recent Pitchfork “Guest List” interview in which the band talks candidly about virtually everything.

Artist I’d Most Like to Collaborate With

SK: I can’t totally decide, but I will say that for a long time now I’ve had this fantasy where Wes Anderson just calls me up, casually introduces himself, and explains that he’s run out of cool 1960s and 70s pop to use for soundtrack material and would really appreciate it if I could try writing some tunes for his upcoming film. Then I’d say that I’m super busy right now but his ideas sound “interesting,” and that we should talk about it over a beer.

Krug happens to be a personal favorite musician of mine, and Sunset Rubdown is my favorite of his many projects (read: Wolf Parade, Swan Lake, et al). Needless to say, I was excited to read Wes’s name in Pitchfork’s sub-head.

Full interview can be read here (Wes is mentioned once more):

Waris on Sartorialist

Perhaps the most respected male fashion bloggeur, Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist), has stopped Frequent [Wes] Collaborator, and dedicated turban wearer,Waris Ahluwalia for a photo in New York — Fifth Ave., to be precise. In addition to his website, Schuman also has his own page in GQ every month. That’s some fashion clout.

Waris Ahluwalia on The Sartorialist
Waris Ahluwalia on The Sartorialist

It’s not the first time Waris has been on a fashion blog. He was on Facehunter in 2007, repping fashion designer, Benjamin Cho.