Bill Murray Interviews

Do you like Bill Murray interviews? Of course you do. You’re reading this site, aren’t you?

Well, it’s your lucky day. Bill Murray has a new interview with Esquire which is classic Bill Murray. And because this is a Wes Anderson appreciation site, here is the obligatory WA reference:

SR: The last time we talked about Wes Anderson was after what sounded like a horrible experience in Italy for The Life Aquatic. You must have a great affinity for him.

BM: Wes is still a young man, but he was just a kid when I met him on Rushmore. And he’s grown as a person, as a man, as a movie director. His stuff just keeps getting better and better. And he’s managed to make the making of movies a real living experience. For Moonrise Kingdom, he rented a mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, and we lived in it. The editing rooms were in the mansion. And we had a great cook. You could be relaxed in your own skin, but it also meant that you could work endless, ungodly art-movie hours because there was gonna be a meal prepared for you when you’re done.

What’s that? You’re not satisfied with only one interview? Well, good news for you– Unlikely Words has rounded up about 20 Bill Murray interviews for your enjoyment. Hope you didn’t have plans for this afternoon.

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Friday News Round-Up 6/1/12


The Guardian’s Interview of Wes

The Guardian has a nice interview with Wes regarding his style, his critical reception, working with children, and his frequent collaborators. Regarding the last, he says:

“I don’t think any of us are considered ‘normal’ people,” he says. “It’s probably more a family of crazy uncles. But there’s an energy that comes from people who are friends. Whatever chemistry is on set is going to be there in the movie, and you want some electricity that you don’t really control.”

The rest of the interview can be read over at The Guardian.

Bill Murray and Olivia Williams Star in “Hyde Park on Hudson”

The new film Hyde Park on Hudson seems to be a bit of mini-Rushmore reunion. The film centers on the visit King George and Queen Elizabeth made to Franklin Roosevelt’s upstate New York home before the second world war. Playing FDR is Bill Murray, and his wife, Eleanor? Olivia Williams, naturally. The film will be released this winter, take a look at the trailer below.

Slate’s Interview with Wes Anderson

Jacob Weisberg sat down with Wes for an extended interview to discuss his auteur style, his commercials as mini-movies, stop-motion animation, and the pleasures of working with Bill Murray, along with answering Slate reader questions for the Conversations with Slate series. Two installments have been released so far, with others to be added as the week goes on (and TRA will be there to update this post!)

Here is the first installment, in which he discusses the casting of the adolescent leads, his childhood experiences, and his love-affair with Francois Truffaut:

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Friday News Round-Up 5/4/12

Moonrise Kingdom set footage and interviews.

For all you Wes Anderson fans that can’t hold back your excitement for Moonrise Kingdom, here are four behind the scenes (b-roll) videos from the set that we know you’ll enjoy. Also, cast interviews with Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton and Bill Murray.

Part: I

See a ton more after the jump.

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Three More New Clips from Moonrise Kingdom

Three great new clips from Moonrise Kingdom have been released in the last few days.

First, featuring Sam and Suzy, “Were you followed?”

See two more clips after the jump.

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14 New Stills from Moonrise Kingdom

And the hits just keep on coming! 14 new stills from Moonrise Kingdom have been released, featuring Kara Hayward, Jared Gilman, Ed Norton, Jason Schwartzman, and Bill Murray, along with many campers. We’ve included three of our favorites below:

See the rest over at Collider.