“Hey Jude” by the Mutato Muzika Orchestra

Motherbaugh’s version of “Hey Jude” is one of my absolute favorites (“Go Mordecai!”). It was not included on the original 2001 soundtrack release but was added to the 2002 re-release.

The RoGo Bros recreate Fantastic Mr. Fox!

From the mailbag:

“3 young brothers recreated a scene from Fantastic Mr Fox with stuff from their home & we think you’d really enjoy it & would love it if you were inclined to share too. 

They started remake their favorite films when quarantine started- the first being PeeWee’s Big Adventure that Paul Reubens himself shared & even cameoed in one of the boys’ Halloween specials!”

Wednesday Round-Up

IndieWire: For $20,000, You Can Now Rent the House from ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’

Image credit Street Easy

“The famed house from Wes Anderson’s 2001 ‘The Royal Tenenbaums‘ is now available for rent for a cool $20,000 a month in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood of Harlem. Anderson discovered the house while location scouting in 2000 and said he admired the home’s storybook quality.’ Indeed, looking closely at the home’s listing on Street Easy reveals it’s been renovated since filming, but the house still retains plenty of the charm it held in the Oscar-nominated movie. “

Entertainment Inquirer: French Dispatch to complete for Palme d’Or at Cannes

“The latest film by American director Wes Anderson, ‘The French Dispatch,’ will premiere at this year’s Cannes film festival in the official competition, organizers said Friday.”

IndieWire: Royal Tenenbaums cast will reunite at Tribeca (sans Gene Hackman)

“The Tribeca Film Festival is adding some splashy talks to its upcoming New York City lineup, which promises to be the first major film festival in the U.S. to return to business as normal after the pandemic…

The 20th anniversary of “The Royal Tenenbaums” will be celebrated with a reunion of director Wes Anderson with stars Alec Baldwin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Anjelica Huston, and Danny Glover. “

FilmStage: Wes Anderson to Shoot Next Film in Spain This Summer

El Pais reports that the director will be staying in Europe, but headed to Spain––specifically Chinchón in southeast Madrid––this July, August, and September to shoot his next movie. Sets are already being built for the production that resemble desert landscapes seen in westerns, though it’s reported that the film will not be in that genre.”

Wes Anderson-inspired nail polishes!

“This diabolical varnish; the color is completely wrong!”

M. Gustave approves of these Wes-Anderson inspired nail polishes by Bess & Color!

Cinematographer Robert Yeoman on “Wes Anderson’s shots”

Call for contributors

Activity has continued over on the Facebook page, but things have been pretty quiet over here on rushmoreacademy.com.

Do people still visit websites?

I started the Rushmore Academy in 2000 as a shrine to Wes’ second film Rushmore (you can use the Wayback Machine to see what that looked like). Rushmore sparked my interest in film. Like, the good stuff. The Rushmore Academy started to expand as a repository to all things Wes with the release of The Royal Tenenbaums. We have, to varying degrees, covered the release of every film since then. I am still here, no longer a college student… almost middle-aged. With kids, silver hairs budding out of the sides of my head, a little exhausted but happy. But maybe we could use some folks with a bit more spark and vitality? So if you are interested in writing and contributing here on the site or over on the Facebook page, send me some ideas… your interest in the site and Wes Anderson… maybe a writing sample…. a glossy… your curriculum vitae?